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Administrative Director, Master of Ceremonies - Japan Grand Prix
International Ballet Competition

Taeko Nishino received her classical ballet and choreography training under the direction of Kimie Sasamoto in her native Japan. In 2000, Ms. Nishino accepted the ballet mistress position of classical dance division of Neisha's Dance Academy in San Diego, California, and has coached the San Diego cast of the Moscow Ballet's Nutcracker from 2002-2013. Since 2003, Ms. Nishino has served as the Master of Ceremonies for Japan Grand Prix International Ballet Competition, and in 2007, JGP's founding-director, Martin Fredmann officially appointed her its Administrative Director. In 2006 Ms. Nishino assumed the artistic directorship of Chula Vista Ballet; under her direction, Chula Vista Ballet has the distinction of having been approved as a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, in February of 2009. All JGP wishes to thank Taeko Nishino for her ceaseless dedication and care.

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