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Event Dates & Venue

Dates Monday, August 21 ~ Friday, August 25, 2017
Place Shinjuku Bunka Centre (Shinjuku Culture Centre)
Address 6-14-1 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0022)
Telephone 03-3350-1141
Admission fee Free

Age Categories (A competitor's age is determined as of July 31, this year)

Junior B - Ages 10-14
Junior A - Ages 15-19
Precompetitive - Elementary School Grade 4-Grade 6
Junior B - Middle School Grade 7-Grade 9
Junior A - High School Grade10-Age 19

Contemporary Category

Junior B - Middle school students, male and female Grade 7-Grade 9
Junior A - High School students, male and female Grade 10-Age 19

Event Schedule

Monday, August 21 Preliminary for Contemporary Category (Junior A & B, Male & Female),
Classical Pre-competitive Category Preliminary, Workshop
Tuesday, August 22 Finalist Class for Pre-competitive, Preliminary for Junior A & B Female,
Wednesday, August 23 Workshop, Preliminary: Female Junior. B, Male Junior. B & A
Thursday, August 24 Workshop
Preliminary : Female Junior. A
Finals : Precompetitive
Friday, August 25 Finals : Female Junior. B & A, Male Junior. B & A
Saturday, August 26 Orientation/meeting for scholarship recipient

Rules and Regulations

1. Eligibility
Amateur dancers ages between 10 - 19 are permitted to compete. Dancers who have been employed by professional companies may not participate.
2. Repertoire List (A change is not permitted once the application has been received.)
Precompetitive :
A dancer may choose one classical variation. Balanchine's choreography, Black Swan, Esmeralda, Grand pas Classique are excluded from the selection.
Junior A and B :
Balanchine's choreography, Sugar Plum variation, and Kitri's variation from act I are excluded from the selection.
3. Number of variations
・Precompetitive and Junior B dancers will present one classical variation which will be performed in preliminary and finals.
・Junior A dancers will select one classical variation for preliminary and one classical variation for finals (total of 2 different variations).
4. Time Limit
The length of each variation must not exceed 3 minutes. Violation of this rule is subject to penalty.
5. Music requirement
・A participant must submit music in CD (Compact Disc) format at the time of registration. The CD must be labeled with his/her entry number, name, and title of the variation.
・A coach or teacher is to signal the sound technician to cue music.
6. Stage
・No stage set
・Marley floor (Main hall dimensions: 18m x 15m)
・Basic stage light, cyclorama.
7. Violations
Failure to comply with the above JGP rules and regulations will lead to disqualification.


The scoring system consists of four categories:
  1. Technique
  2. Musicality
  3. Style
  4. Presentation

Miscellaneous items to note

  • Stage costume and makeup should be worn when competing.
  • Competitors must register on each day of preliminary and finals.
  • A program may be purchased the day of the competition.
  • Competitor’s entry number and the detailed schedule will be notified via mail end of June.

Participation fee (non-refundable):

  • Preliminary 30,000yen
  • Final 10,000yen(Finalist class is included in the fee.)
  • Contemporary Participation 20,000yen
Each participant will receive his or her judge paper and prize for participation.

Other rules

  • Variation must not be changed after submitting the application.
  • Photography and videotaping are not permitted.
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